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What’s happening? Is this really me?

Okay, so… I NEVER EVER EVER care this much about people on TV, but Oh My God, I can not get enough of Phi Phi O’Hara. I can’t stop looking at pictures, I can’t even count how many times I have watched every episode. I think I may just wither away and die if she doesn’t win. I am so close to trying to do drag because of her it’s not even funny. So breathtakingly gorgeous as a man and as a woman. If she can look that amazing, there’s a chance that I can look semi-alright. Right? I love how she’s on the show, not just to be a drag superstar, but also how she wants to represent LGBTQ community. She is just simply phlawless. I can’t even believe I’m saying all this about someone I’ve never met. I sound like such a little phangirl. Oh well. I would like literally sell my soul to meet her. I have gotten such a boost of self confidence from just watching her on the show, she carries herself so well and stands up for what is right, and never backs down. I look at that and just think “What’s stopping me from being like that?” She’s coming to perform at Club One in Savannah, but I won’t be able to get in, because I’ll still be 20. I will stand out there and wait for her to come out, and just to catch a glimpse of her… my life will then be complete. I hate to sound obsessed, but damn. She is just that damn Phierce!!! It takes a lot for me to even like someone from TV, but to actually look up to someone this way? I NEVER thought someone could be this amazing. No shade. 

Thanks for keeping me gagging for more! I love you so much Phi Phi!!! xoxo

You are my hero.

Thank you.


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